TM-50BK Korg Combo Tuner Metronome

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Tuner and metronome to use simultaneously or separately

  • Newly designed meter resembling LCD needles and high sensitivity. Wide range of detection from Do1 to Do8.

  • Reference pitches in three octaves through built-in speaker

  • Variable calibration for concert tuning

  • Indicates third major and minor intervals

  • Tempo range from 30 to 252 bars per minute. 15 rhythm variations

  • Tempo adjustments available with two different beat patterns and tap tempo function

  • Two levels of adjustable screen light

  • Back-up memory and auto power-off function

  • Acoustic captor incorporated. Mono jack input and minijack headphones output

  • Input for optional CM-100L microphone

  • Dimensions 111 x 74 x 18 mm.

  • Weight 106 gr. with batteries

  • It includes two batteries AAA (3.0 V) to verify the functioning of the appliance

  • Black finish