• SCHERTLER DYN-V pickup for violin/viola
  • SCHERTLER DYN-V pickup for violin/viola
  • SCHERTLER DYN-V pickup for violin/viola


mechanical decoupling butterworth 2nd order, Q=0.6
nominal impedance 1500 ohm / 1000 Hz
frequency response 60 Hz to 18 kHz (+/-3dB)
equivalent output noise 139dB - 145dB typical
sensitivity 20mV/g
sensitivity (on instrument) ca. -32dBu
tmperature range -20°C to +70°C
contacts all hard gold 0.5um plated
connection binder to XLR balanced
cable length 2.2m (87 in)

SCHERTLER DYN-V pickup for violin/viola

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Popular with sound engineers for orchestral miking and studio recording, the DYN-V produces a neutral instrument tone that is perfect for recording purposes. 

The sensor fits easily and safely to the violin/viola body using special adhesive putty, accordingly positioned to capture the best tonal qualities of the instrument. It can also be easily transferred from one instrument to another. 

DYN-V is fitted with an XLR connector, enabling direct connection into a microphone input on a mixing desk. It also works effectively through full-range amplification systems such as the Schertler amplifier series.