Larica Liebenzeller Metal Rosin

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Larica Liebenzeller Metal Rosin

LARICA Metal Rosin continues the tradition of the famous Liebenzeller Metal Rosin. We use the original formula and manufacturing process. Each step is done by hand and therefore we can guarantee the high quality you have come to expect from Liebenzeller Metal rosins.

By using larch resin, adding metals and our special production process, our rosin produces more lively, warmer and brighter sounds. Depending on the metal addition, each rosin is able to produce a wide differentiation in  sound quality.

To take full advantage of the high quality rosin please keep in mind the following: Before applying the metal rosin for the first time, the bow should be thoroughly cleaned. Apply less rosin to the bow then you normally would and clean the strings with alcohol from time to time. The bow should also be cleaned with alcohol, but less frequently. Often in the beginning, too much rosin is applied to the bow and therefore it does not stick very well to the strings. When this happens, the tone may not develop fully.

About Larica Metal Rosin

LARICA Metal Rosin is manufactured in several hardness grades and with various metal additions.

The hardness decreases from I to IV. The softer grades of hardness essentially make the hard and sharp sounds of the instrument milder and make the tone nobler. The harder rosins can make softer sounding instruments clearer and more distinct.

The rosin is perfect for newly built or Baroque instruments as well as all instruments in the Chrotta Family.