G&FILLS Pickup for Violin - Viola

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G&Fills Professional Pickup System is based on simplicity and efficiency. One single piezo-ceramic element mounted on the bridge provides a perfect capture and produces a warm and natural acoustic sound.

G&Fills Professional Pickup System is removable and very easy to assemble. Includes a lightweight and handmade wood jack support in line with the aesthetics of the instruments. Lightweight and free of muting effect.

  • Based on piezo-ceramic element. Maximum sound capture, high impedance.
  • Copper shield. Minimum inductance hum.
  • Rean mini XLR socket violin connectors. Lightweight, precise and secure.
  • Mogami 3 mm cable with Neutrik 1/4" Jack plug. High sound quality guaranteed.
  • Fine wood jack support. Lightweight and beautiful, Ebony and Rosewood available.
  • Stainless Steel Screws