Our Carbon Fiber Violins

Qarbonia Violins

Our principle is to provide professional musicians and inquisitive amateurs with an instrument of extraordinary sound qualities at an unbeatable price. The Qarbonia violins have been specially designed by professional luthiers for optimum acoustic performance, proving that carbon fiber can produce a similar or even better acoustic sonority than wood. The Qarbonia sound, with a great projection, depth and warmth, will appeal to all violinists, but particularly to performers beyond the classical scope: jazz, blues and pop-rock violinists, fiddlers and the plethora of alternative string styles emerging around the world.



What is carbon fiber?

What are the advantages of carbon fiber versus traditional wood?

Carbon fiber is a material industrially derived from raw materials containing carbon. The crystal structure obtained by heat treatment is similar to that of graphite. The result is a material three times more resistant than steel, but with a 4.5 times lower density. Currently carbon fiber has become an indispensable material with endless applications in the automotive, marine, aerospace, chemical, electronic, and health industry. However, its application as a material with excellent acoustic properties is relatively recent, and judging by the results, very promising.

As it has been well documented, wood is an extremely variable material susceptible to all sorts of physical alterations: it can easily warp, crack, deform, expand or contract due to temperature or humidity changes. This instability can ultimately have a negative impact on the acoustic properties of wooden materials. Unlike wooden instruments, which require constant adjustment and maintenance, the use of carbon fiber in combination with other materials guaranties complete stability and safeguards the Qarbonia violins against harmful weather or environmental conditions. The Qarbonia violins are therefore synonymous with consistent acoustic quality, offering an unparalleled resistance and durability in addition to their unique and attractive sound. They can survive long-distance trips, falls, bumps and accidents that would destroy a traditional instrument and yet possess acoustic properties that can rival with the best quality wooden violins.

Are the Qarbonia violins mass produced instruments, industrially churned out?

Absolutely not! Although the basic parts are carved from moulds and pre-established measurements, the crafting of each violin requires as much personalised attention as a traditional instrument: a precision process of assembling every component, adjustment and calibration, varnishing, and particularly the control of every single detail designed to optimise the sound of the instrument. The Qarbonia violins represent the art of violin making of the 21st century, the advent of a new generation of carbon fiber violins.


Violin accesories

We currently offer three different models of QARBONIA ACOUSTIC violins:


  • Qarbonia Acoustic. A carbon fiber violin with a standard tuning, equipped with a Thomastik Peter Infeld or D'adddario Kaplan Vivo string set.

  • Qarbonia Baritone. A carbon fiber violin tuned one octave lower than conventional violins. The baritone model is equipped with a special set of strings: the “Supersensitive Octave”. This set of strings sounds one octave below the standard violin tuning GDAE. The Supersensitive Octave strings are manufactured with a synthetic multifilament core and produce a deep and powerful sound. These strings are also known to be almost unaffected by weather and humidity conditions.

  • Qarbonia 5 Strings. A violin - viola carbon fiber model with an extra C string, equipped with a Thomastik Vision string set


                    BARITONE VIOLIN              QARBONIA 5 STRINGS

        Sensicore Octave Violin Strings                          QARBONIA BARITONE Violin                                     QARBONIA 5 STRINGS Violin



Wittner Fine-tune Pegs

  • Easy, quick, effortless and very precise tuning.                                                                                                                                               
  • Pegs made of “high-tech” composite material and light alloy.

  • No wear on peg and peg-hole (the shaft of the peg does not spin, subsequently there is no friction)

  • No influence of climate and humidity.





Wittner Ultra Classic Tailpiece

  • Made of "Space Age" composite material. Ultra strong and ultra light weight compared to traditional wooden tailpieces.

  • Strings ends are protected by rounded contact surface design. Ball end is held securely, preventing any slipping.







Ebony Chinrest. Choose from four differents models: GUARNIERI, TEKA, EXTRAFLAT, & FLESCH FLAT (central)















I want to amplify my violin. What are my options?


In our web we suggest different options to maximise the potential of your instrument.

For that purpose we offer you the possibility to choose among the following options (special discount applicable to all equipment bought in addition to the violin):


  - SCHERTLER STAT-V-SET Electrostatic Transducer with Preamp


  - SCHERTLER STAT-V-PRO Electrostatic Transducer with Preamp


  - SCHERTLER STAT-V-ROAD Electrostatic Transducer with Preamp


  LR BAGGS Violin Pickup (external jack mount)



                      LR BAGGS       PASTILLA LR BAGSS PICKUP VIOLIN





                                     PASTILLA  - PICKUP VIOLIN G&FILLS